7 December 2007

The Sacrifice of Fools

For the past few months our (Mosaic) community has been examining the Bible's Wisdom Literature. Most recently we've been looking at Wise Worship as described by the Biblical writer in Ecclesiastes 5 as The Sacrifice of Fools:
Ecclesiastes 5:1-15

The Old Testament refers to several different words and translations for the word "FOOL." Fools are described in these different ways:
  • one who is morally and philosophically gullible - they believe anything easily
  • one whose mind is closed to God (Ps 14 - "the fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.'")
  • one who believes in God, but doesn't take Him very seriously - such as in this passage. The text specifically says, "When you go to the House of God..." It is admonishing some in the company of worshippers
Regardless of how we publicly acknowledge God, our LIFESTYLE reveals whether or not we really (Really) take God seriously.

Verse 1 concludes with this description of the “FOOL” as one whose Lifestyle betrays just how serious they really are about God:
“Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Go near to listen rather than offer the sacrifice of fools, WHO DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY DO WRONG.”

The term “Wrong” literally means “EVIL.” This Person does not even realize that he/she is doing evil!

What is the evil they are perpetrating which they are not even conscious of?

It can be found in their lifestyle, which does not back-up their public acknowledgement of God. This is perhaps the greatest deterrent to someone else, and it never seriously considers God either. And that, my friends, is Wrong. And the biblical translation of wrong is literally "evil." And our simple understanding of evil is that it is designed in Hell itself, to prevent the world at large from ever giving serious consideration to God.

Friedrich Nietzsche states in his literary work, The Anti-Christ, "His disciples will have to look much more saved if I am ever to believe in their Savior."

This passage begins with the metaphor of FEET (or our STEPS) in verse 1. In verses 2-7 it moves to the metaphor of our MOUTHS, admonishing us to let our words be few when in the presence of the Almighty. The passage then ends with an address of our HEART, out of which issues the focus of our love.

Verse 10 records it, “Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied in his income."

How can we possibly portend to worship God and not have it change the way we live out our entire lives, and make our LIFESTYLE altogether different... even in the common, everyday workplace?

And THAT, friends, according to Ecclesiastes is the mark of A FOOL!

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