17 December 2007

Here we Goooooo

We're mere hours away from our departure. Clan McKenzie will be spending the next month in California. In addition to visiting for Christmas and New Years, we will be connecting with many, many friends and family members. We are praying for relaxation and productivity as we catch up with all the people we hope to see. Some of the highlights we're hoping to have:
  • Quality time with parents/grandparents/siblings/aunts & uncles/cousins
  • Quality time with old and new friends
  • Isabelle Sophia's baby dedication
  • Disneyland: Gabrielle will get her first taste
  • Productive fundraising initiative
  • Living for a month in $US, instead of £UK
  • Did I mention BOWL GAMES???
  • Mexican food
  • Sushi
One thing we're not looking forward to, but trusting God's abundant grace:
  • 18 hours of travel with a 2-year-old and a 9-month-old :)
California here we come... right back where we started from!

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