30 July 2007

A Little More on Jasheen & the Benefit

In light of the developments surrounding the benefit that Jasheen is organizing (see entry below entitled, 'An Event Worth Talking About'), I thought I'd share this brief email that she received from one of the women working closest with her on the event:

Hi J,
I feel so guilty leaving you for a few days with the mountain of work you are doing for the benefit. Don't tire yourself out please, but it is truly amazing what you are doing. The others have no idea of the effort you are throwing at this event.
Take care and I will phone you next Monday to see how things are.
Love Bridge

The Lord seems to be showing Jasheen so much favor as she moves forward with this exciting event. She has won the hearts of some pretty amazing women in the West End. Last Tuesday night she gathered with six of them to discuss details surrounding the event, and the conversation led to what we're doing here. Once it was established that I am a "God Man," Jasheen shared with them our ministry and what we're doing here. It's been so cool to see her weave in and out of conversations about the event and our faith. It's interesting to hear their impressions of Christianity (and Christians) and observe as they learn that some of their own preconceptions may not be entirely accurate.

Jasheen still needs much prayer surrounding all aspects of this event. She is in the process of raising the necessary funds from local businesses and philanthropists in order to pull the whole thing off, as well as serving as a representative of Jesus. The Lord has truly provided the avenues and settings for Jasheen to shine in her gifting and in her faith.

I continue to be so impressed with and proud of her. I have come to know my wife as... my wife, and a wonderful mother, and it's been easy to forget that she is an incredibly accomplished and intelligent entrepreneur. Please keep praying for her and the women she's working alongside.

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