20 July 2007

An Event Worth Talking About

You know those people that can just make things happen? They put their minds to something and regardless of the scale, they can convert dreams into reality. I'm not talking about a snazzy seasonal party or a modest music recital, I'm talking about a shin-dig that draws local TV networks, journalists and even celebrities. I am not one of those people, but my wife is.

A few months back Jasheen began sharing an idea with me to help promote her friend Ann's individually handmade jewelry. She saw that Ann had a lot of potential, and wanted to help her friend stand on her own two feet. Last November we hosted a jewelry party for Ann and she sold £500 worth of rings, necklaces and brooches. Far more than she ever expected. That was nice for an in-home gathering, but Jasheen wanted to really get Ann's name and product out there. She imagined a proper gala to showcase Ann's creations to all the West End of Glasgow.

What began as a relatively small, but public function (with me as the emcee) has literally exploded into what may turn out to be the largest single event of its kind that the west end sees this year. Jasheen began building her team to execute the necessary functions required for the event - mostly local women in our neighborhood and a couple of her piano students that have turned out to be very well networked and very resourceful. Brainstorming sessions led to a much larger scale event, and instead of promoting Ann exclusively, they decided to help launch the West End's new, young faces in fashion design, as well. Further brainstorming and networking led to the event becoming a full-scale benefit for a local West End Cancer Caring Center. The goal is to keep it all local; to bring in the arts, creativity, and really show Glasgow's potential as Scotland's cultural epicenter.

Jasheen's team consists of two well-known local journalists, a charismatic actress, and a successful marketing guru. They have grand visions of a formal event including food, drink, designers, models, hair & makeup artists, celebrity guests & entertainers, door prizes, raffles, and of course, corporate sponsorship. And as it is her brainchild, Jasheen is organizing and overseeing the entire production.

One thing after another has fallen into place. Oran Mor, meaning the 'great melody of life' or 'big song', is a cultural center and meeting place in the heart of Glasgow's West End that has agreed to comp the use of their venue for the function. BBC Scotland will be contacted to cover the event, and models are already responding to Jasheen's request to lend their services free of charge. Several agents of Scottish actors have been or will be contacted to discuss their clients' appearances and involvment in the event, and an up and coming recording artist from the States has already agreed to come and perform. And so much more is still in the works. It seems that every time Jasheen shares her vision with someone, the Lord has already paved the way for their involvement or their network.

The event will take place on November 13th and has already garnered the interest of print and television media. It is a benefit for Maggie's Centre, a non-profit organization committed to helping people living with, through and beyond cancer.

A strange and pleasant phenomena has occurred since Jasheen began this journey... I've met the young woman I fell in love with, dated and eventually married. This has breathed new life into her. I see her passion and excitement growing everyday. Jasheen is a philanthropist at heart. She has always loved serving others and helping them achieve their potential.

There is an awful lot of effort and leg-work that needs to happen for this to be successful, and although it has completely re-energized her, Jasheen could use a lot of help, prayer and support. This is more than a benefit for people with cancer. It's more than a showcase for local talent. It's more than a project for Jasheen. This is an occasion to bring people we've grown to know and love together; to work in synergy with our friends in the community; and for God to be glorified in a missional endeavor to love on and serve all those involved.

When she began sharing all of this with me, I thought it was a beautiful dream, but it would take an exceptional kind of person to pull it off. Realistically, it's just not going to happen. I mean, I'm certainly not one of those people that makes these things happen...

... but then, we're not talking about me, are we?

PS: As more aspects of the event are confirmed, I will be sharing and updating as to the who's and the what's involved. Until then, I'll not speculate or titillate with big names or personalities.


Arthur said...


this is so great to hear! i am just guessing this means you will still be in glasgow, which means i can still come visit??

i hope this event is a huge success.

nejus said...

No surprise, this is her gifting. Didn't bring in Bon Jovi to Singapore for nothing. Know who I'd want to head the evangelistic outreach team if I ever led a church (not that I'm ever gonna do that) But if I did...

Carmel said...

that's such a touching tribute to Jaysheen! You're wonderful! And of course, so is Jaysheen. I wish I could be there to feel the excitement of the event. I'll pray for this.