29 June 2007

Weir Good Lads Gather

I met Dave Weir about four years ago at the gym. He was just a wee 17 year old student at Glasgow University, and was recovering from a major shoulder injury. Our friendship eventually grew out of the gym and into going to movies and hanging out every once in a while. I asked Dave to start going to church with me and ultimately to join a Bible study at my flat with another friend (Johan) from the gym. That was about two years ago, and we've been going strong ever since. Dave recently graduated from Glasgow Uni and is about to embark on an extraordinary adventure. Tomorrow morning he will leave Glasgow for about a month and head to France to cycle the Tour de France route. Since we met, Dave has lost nearly 8 Stone (about 112 lbs.) and has become an avid endurance athlete. Over the past month we've been spending time studying the Psalms and Dave has adopted several passages as motivation to endure and overcome difficulties and trials. He'll find a way to fix some of these passages to his bike for those moments in his ride when he feels like giving up or slowing down.

This morning was perhaps our final Bible time together for a long time. When he returns he'll only be here for a week before heading down to England to begin his post-graduate studies. As our time came to a close my friend Stuart Weir arrived for my second meeting of the morning. "Maybe you guys are related," I joked. As they made their introductions they discovered that, in fact, they are 2nd cousins. How bizarre... two young Scots livng in Glasgow's west end all this time and they only just met and discovered they're related. It was pretty cool to see this happen in my kitchen... cool and mildly sad since Dave leaves tomorrow and only returns to Glasgow for a brief stay. I will be tracking Dave's journey through his blog on MySpace, and will be praying for him daily. Dave has come a long way as both an athlete and a young man, and I'm very proud of him, but I'll miss him too.

Here's a few pictures from our flat, Weir good lads gather.

Me & Dave

Me & Stuart

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lrobertgeorge@yahoo said...

Miss you man, come home soon, or I'm gonna have to come see you...LRG