26 June 2007

ANNIVERSARY: Three Years Down, Forever to Go!

Jasheen and I celebrate three years of marriage today! And what a three years it's been. From our first month of marriage, it has been non-stop. An international move, two beautiful daughters, and a change in ministry later, we feel like we've crammed about 10 years worth into three.
An anniversary means celebrating the gifts and blessings of another year; growing together through the trials and challenges of another year; reflecting back on the really good memories (and some not so good) of another year; and most importantly, it means another year shared with the love of my life.
Marriage is likely never what one would expect; you're probably never exactly where you thought you'd be, but the truth is, it's better and more rewarding than you ever imagined, AND it's harder and more challenging than you'd ever have thought.
Throw parenting in to a young marriage and you have some of the most significant growth and learning opportunities known to man.

...and we're still here... loving, crying, laughing, playing, praying and growing together.
But one thing's for sure, there is no way that I'd be the man or the father that I am, nor would I be able to do the things I do without my loving, tolerant, gracious and gorgeous bride.

Thank you all for your care, concern and prayer for our marriage, our ministry, and our family!

Three years and counting...


Anonymous said...

Hey dear ones,
HAPPY 3rd!
What a great blog-thing ( :
You are such a great communicator, son, committed husband and daddy! I am so proud of you and yours!
Blessings and hugs to all, Mom

Mike Kurtyka said...

Sorry to have missed your anniversary. We'll put it in the master diary and forever remember the day! Anway, happy anniversary! Mike & Carol

Lloydie said...

...and here you are...three years later...still enjoying the harmonious sounds of TOTO...

Clan McKenzie said...