14 February 2006


I thought a good addition to our blog would be a W2W4 entry (What To Watch For). It'll be a way that we can keep people up to date on what we have upcoming and what can be prayed for.

Upon returning from Singapore I was struck ill with a viral infection that pretty well wiped me out for about a week -- recurring fevers, fatigue, dizziness... the works. I was sleeping 10 hours a night and then staggering around half-asleep during the day(s). I could manage little more than reading or watching TV on the sofa.

I'd say I'm back at about 90% now and it's certainly none-too-soon. It's good to be healthy and kicking in time for Valentine's Day (hubba-hubba). Principles aside, Valentine's Day has provided the perfect vehicle for Jasheen and I to reignite the fires and rekindle the romance that has been impeded over the past month or so by travels, pranethood and recent illness. Thank you Herseys and Hallmark for pimping another over-commercialized holiday that celebrates little more than the almighty $$$ - how else do you explain roses at triple the cost?

But, I digress... Jasheen and I returned to a full ministry plate and schedule. As we were looking over our calendar for the next few months we couldn't believe how much is happening between now and when we head to California in June for the CRM Worldwide Staff Conference.

Please keep us in prayer over the following months with regards to The Project (our local leadership development course). I'm a part of a small teaching team that is committed to calling this generation of young Scottish leaders to give up their lives for the Kingdom. We have been witnessing God's work in the hearts and lives of those that attend and it's been so exciting. I've also become involved in a student organization at Glasgow University called CMF (Christian Medical Fellowship) and will be speaking this Friday night (2/17) at their weekly gathering on the topic of Tools for Evangelism. I would appreciate your prayer for that too.

Jasheen and I will be traveling to Portugal in May for our team retreat and then will be home for about a month before we head to California for the conference and our furlough.

Well, for now that's what's in the cooker and what you can keep in prayer.

Until next time...
Blessings, Chris


Steve Wilburn said...

I enjoyed reading about your personal growth in serving the Lord. I am proud to know you and pray that you and yours are under His shield as you spread the Good News.

Please give my love to your Mom and Dad and furnish them with my phone numer 949-285-4567. I would welcome the opportunity of taking them to dinner and catching up on what's new in our lives.

Remeber ..you can't outgive God..but He loves it when we try.
Your Brother In Christ Jesus
Steve Wilburn

Anonymous said...

Dear ones,
It's always a JOY to hear from you and to see your smiling face(s) (:
Can hardly wait for this grandparent to get her hands on that precious Gabrielle!
Oh, and you and Jasheen!!
With love and blessings, Mom