20 January 2006

Gabrielle Rae Reaches 16-Weeks in Singapore

Jasheen, Gabrielle and I are enjoying our visit here in hot, humid Singapore. Gabrielle has been showered with love, affection and attention from family, friends and strangers alike.
Singapore is such a huge contrast to Glasgow, from the weather to the people. We left freezing temperatures in Glasgow to come to a blazing, tropical climate. Whereas Glasgow is made up of more than 95% Caucasians, Singapore is vastly diverse hosting Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian and an assortment of ex-pats. It's been quite an experience. We've also enjoyed the diverse culinary cuisines that Singapore offers (though we've already planned our 3-day extreme detox program for when we return home - we're consuming spices and seasonings that we never even sniff in the UK).
Eating is a huge part of their hospitality. They give new meaning to the slogan, "If we don't eat, we don't meet." You just don't visit someone's home without eating a meal. We left from lunch with one of Jasheen's father's friends to visit an old friend Jasheen knew in school. Upon arrival they set the table and brought out a huge meal (knowing that we'd just come from lunch!!!). "Aaaahhh, you have to eat," they said, "Just a little." Needless to say, our clothes are fitting a wee bit tighter than when we arrived.

Gabrielle has reached a few milestones. The 2nd day we were here she turned over from her stomach to her back. She does that all the time now. She can also rotate a complete 360 degrees on her mat. She's giggling and singing a lot... oh, and she HATES riding in her car seat.

Leaving will be hard b/c Gabby has gotten so used to her new routine with her Nai-nai and Tha-tha (Chinese for grandma and Indian for grandpa). They fuss over her like you wouldn't believe. I think the only thing Gabby won't miss is the muggy heat.

For more visual insight into our trip, go to our online photo album from the link on the right side of this page. There is a Singapore set with more than 100 pictures already in it.

Bye for now!

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