24 November 2005

Two Months Old

Gabrielle is now eight weeks old!
She's settled into a pretty good schedule and is sleeping a lot... as you'll see in the photo album. We're really beginning to learn her cries (the only way babies communicate) and are able to assist her much more quickly and efficiently. The fog is beginning to lift as we're getting more sleep and time to get things done. Jasheen is also doing a great job as she spends more time on her own with Gabrielle.
We're coming to the conclusion that we really do have a 'good' baby. She's more often than not very content and happy. She's giggling and coo-ing up a storm now. It even seems as though she's singing at times - exactly what a voice-coach mommy wants!

Be sure to check out the photo link at the bottom right hand side of this page to see our online photo album - plenty of pics of Gabrielle, plus our wedding photos and some general fun from here in Glasgow!

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