30 November 2005


Every year our team celebrates Thanksgiving together. It's always nice and offers a wee taste of home, but being in Scotland for Turkey Day and NOT being able to watch some great college and NFL match-ups always leaves something to be desired.
This year we decided to broaden our invitation list and invite all of our local friends to join us... and I mean ALL of them.
Because of our relationship with the Glasgow City Mission, we were able to use their facility to host our new, annual Thanksgiving with the Locals. We had over 80 people show up in all... and believe it or not, we didn't run out of food! In fact, there was enough for most to have seconds, and about three helpings of dessert - including pumpkin pie (a relatively repulsive thought to most Brits) - and they loved it!
Next year we thought we'd add a little to the festivities and dress up as Pilgrims and Indians (er... native Americans).

We're thinking we're going to do the same thing for Easter!

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Beth said...

Oh, so cool! I wish I could have been there. What a fantastic idea and a huge turn out! Praise God for what He is doing over there. Miss you guys like crazy!