1 December 2008

St. Andrews Day

Today we celebrated Scotland's main national holiday, St. Andrews Day.  While I won't go into detail about the history of the holiday, I thought I'd share a St. Andrews prayer:

O Christ, our Lord,
Who didst beautify the most blessed Andrew
with the grace of apostleship,
and the crown of martyrdom,
by granting to him this special gift,
that by preaching the mystery of the cross,
he should merit death on the cross;
grant us to become most true lovers of Thy holy cross,
and deny ourselves,
to take up your cross
and follow Thee;
that by sharing Thy sufferings in this life,
we may deserve the happiness
of obtaining life everlasting.

Amen.  (Attributed to Eusebius, 263-339 c.e.)

Me, teaching on St. Andrews Day Sunday, wearing my kilt.
(the lighting was bad so treating it has made the photo look a little washed-out)

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