16 October 2008

New York State of Mind

Here's a little trip that sort of snuck up on me, but Jasheen will be leaving me and the girls this Friday and flying to New York City.  This is all part of the process we're going through to finalize her permanent residence in the U.S. since she married an American.  Although we live in Scotland, this is necessary for future trips to the U.S., and of course, in the event that we relocate there.
This trip almost seems like a game show prize.  Airline miles were given to her for the flight; a hotel is being covered by a friend that I went to Westmont with who is a flight attendant, who is also meeting her there and spending a girly weekend in The Big Apple with her... and taking her for a spa day!
The whole purpose of the trip is so that Jasheen can get a stamp in her passport that proves she was in the continental U.S. before 1 November... everything else is just bonus.

This trip to New York caps a month that has brought with it several 'firsts.'  We just made our first move as a family unit into a new flat; we watched our 3-year-old go to her first day of nursery school on 1 October; I built our first outdoor play apparatus - a wooden playhouse - and Jasheen is going on her first trip away from our girls for the first time since either of them was born (Bali doesn't count b/c we did that together).  Incidentally, Jasheen's trip brings with it my first stay-at-home experience with the girls, too.

If  you are of the praying persuasion, toss one up for all of us this weekend.  Jasheen leaves on Friday and returns Tuesday.  I'll have the girls for five days without the help and security of mommy.  Something tells me that Jasheen is in for a more relaxing weekend than I am.

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