17 February 2008


For the first time since we moved into our flat, we're lighting the No Vacancy sign. Upon reflection, we have either hosted or been hosts in other homes every month since last September, barely getting three or four nights strung together in row to have with just our family. We're resilient, but not seven-straight-months-resilient.

When we moved into our flat we offered it to the Lord to use as He saw fit. And we committed to be generous and hospitable with it. What followed was the installation of the proverbial revolving door. From people 'coincidentally' popping in around meal-time, to folks camping out in our lounge for free wireless internet, to people crashing in the guest room because it's either too late or too cold (or both) to go home, our flat has become a safe-haven, home-away-from-home for many... and we're happy to provide that. The Lord has blessed us to be a blessing.

Jasheen and I love having people in our home. It gives it flavor and texture and life. But we also understand that it comes at a cost... especially to our still relatively young marriage.

We are thrilled to have Jasheen's dad coming to visit next month... and hopefully my brother (Patch) the following month. That leaves one month before those arrivals to hang the No Vacancy sign and gather in close together to recover and recharge. Our marriage and our kids need this time and we are grateful to God for it.

As Rudyard Kipling said, "Now I lay me down to bleed a while, only to get up later and fight again."

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