7 August 2007

Isabelle is 20 Weeks

Isabelle Sophia turned 20 weeks old on Sunday - wow, five months! She continues to be our angel baby. She is so full of joy and peace. Like her sister, she is a routine child, but that may be the only similarity they share. Never does she wake from a nap without a smile. She is always so happy to see us standing over her cot.

She is getting stronger and more aware of her surroundings every day. She is grabbing things and studying her hands a lot. She loves to kick and punch when she gets excited, and she also loves when we help her stand. We can leave her on her mat or in her rocker for extended periods with scarcely a sound from her. Although she loves engaging us, she is very content entertaining herself.

It's hard to describe in words, but holding her is like holding love. Even when I pick her up to take her to her mother for a feed, I don't want to give her up. The other day she received the third and final round of her infant immunization shots. The following day she struggled to keep milk down and she ran a fever, but even then she was pleasant. Many babies become irritable and difficult to console when running a fever, but all it takes with Isabelle is holding her.

We praise God daily for both of our girls. They are healthy, bright, beautiful and full of joy. We are also grateful to those of you that keep them and us lifted in prayer.

Blessings and Thanks!


Anonymous said...

She is getting so big. All that has changed with us is that we are all tan, I've got about the shortest cut I've ever had, and we are bringign more stuff back than you can imagine! I'm only back for a few days and then off to the CAI conference. Mike

Christy said...

She is soooooo beautiful!!

Carmel said...

Can I borrow her for, oh, say, a dozen years?